Coffee (carrying when using crutches)

A key limitation to using crutches is that you no longer have the use of your hands to carry things, so it becomes vital to find alternative ways of carrying things.  As I was still working when I started using my crutches, it became key to find a way of carrying my daily cup of hazelnut latte!  It quickly became obvious that there were two problems to resolve

  1. To find a suitable cup holder
  2. To find a cup that would not spill

Cup HolderHaving spent a day searching the internet, it became apparent that disability sites did not hold the answer.  I found a wide variety of suggestions for a good holder on all sorts of web sites.  Some were designed for the type of crutch that goes under the shoulders and so were not right for my elbow crutches.  The options ranged from DIY options through adapted bicycle water bottle cages and musicians drink holders. Eventually I found the option that I felt best from Brica.  It is beautifully designed, meant to be attached to a push chair or any tubular structure which made it great for my crutches.  It attaches with a simple “clamp” which can very easily be tightened without the need for any tools.  Not surprisingly, they say that it is not suitable for use with hot drinks, so this is where the second part of my quest came in.

ContigoIt very quickly became apparent that there was only one contender in the search for a non spill mug.  Time and again my searches led me to Contigo.  Every review I read highlighted how nice they were to drink from (I had never bought such a mug before as I dislike thick plastic mugs to drink from), how well they kept the coffee hot and most importantly that they are so spill proof that you could hold the cup upside down and nothing would even drip out!  I was sold!

A couple of days later my purchases arrived and I could put my plan into action.  The holder easily attached to my crutch.  I chose to put it on the “good” side and immediately realised an unexpected benefit – I could now very easily work out which crutch was which, no more picking up the wrong one!  Then I put my mug into the holder – it was a marriage made in heaven.  They looked like they belonged together and now I could get my daily fix of coffee in safety – bliss.

Note – Where there are pictures of products that I have found useful and that I have bought online, click on the picture to go to the site I bought them from.

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